Do you see how happy they are? It’s sad how when you look up her name, all these disrespecting, hateful suggestions show up. Seriously, when you click the ‘fat’ ones, all these links appear and it’s disgusting. Why would anyone only focus on her for that? People have been saying “Jimmy hosts a talk show! Jimmy can do waaaaaaay better!” and “OMG she’s so fat, she’s in Hollywood, she should  be Hollywood skinny!”


First of all, she’s  not even that fat. More than 50% of all American woman are fatter than her. She is beautiful.

How disgusting can you be? How would you like hearing THAT if you had a boyfriend or husband who’s loves you so much and hearing people say THAT about you? Are you out of your mind?

Jimmy loves her. Just look at that picture. If Jimmy’s happy, I’m happy. Proud falpal.